Our aim

To propagate and provide education of Japanese soroban to worldwide.

To improve the mathematical and other skills like: concentration, attention, memorization, information processing, photographic memory…

About Us

Hikari Soroban Academy (HIKARI) is a organization to propagate and provide education of Japanese soroban education.

Also, to gather all the learners, educators and institutions, organizations who share expertise and enthusiasm in soroban around the world.

HIKARI is committed to sharing knowledge and expertise about the soroban through community outreach programs and soroban classes. The excellent achievements in math by soroban and mental arithmetic students have drawn attention and interest from educators in the public school system. This recognition has led to the implementation of soroban class into school curricula and after-school programs as a means to help improve math skills.

HIKARI supports a network of soroban teachers by providing resources and training seminars. Every years, HIKARI conducts a teachers’ training course to educate aspiring instructors about how to teach the soroban and mental arithmetic. In addition, exceptional soroban students are mentored as classroom assistants and encouraged to become future soroban teachers.